Victor E. Tiger

Fort Hays State University

Responses to problems and suggestions

FHSU_Web_Site March 19, 2014
Problem: You moved the quick link for the library
Suggestion: Put the quick link for the library back on the home page
Response by University Web Conte The new FHSU website design incorporates the previous quicklinks menu into the mega menu, which is accessible from the homepage and throughout the website. The Forsyth library link can be found in the mega menu in the following locations: Current Students under the heading Academic Resources, Academics under the heading Academic Resources, and About under the heading Resources.

Other November 25, 2013
Problem: Everyone creates songs and jingles about Victor E "going down Tiger Lane"! We don't actually have a street named Tiger Lane. Why not? It shows our school spirit and it completely makes sense.
Suggestion: Name one of our streets Tiger Lane. We should probably pick a street that isn't attributed to someone special to the University. I vote replacing College Drive with Tiger Lane!
Response by CBC Arne, great suggestion. I'll forward this to the appropriate decision maker and we'll see if this is possible. Thanks!

Academic_Programming October 2, 2013
Problem: Not being able to know what your grades are for a given course. If we have to use the programs teachers tell us we need in order to submit assignments, they should have to use the program standard for the university to display grades for students.
Suggestion: Make it an absolute requirement for teachers to put grades into Blackboard; or display grades on paper using only the student's ID# in order for grades to remain anonymous. students should be able to know what their grades are at any given time.
Response by CBC Thanks for your idea. This has been a constant issue that we've tried to address through better technology. We're quite sure we've made progress but have a ways to go. I would advise talking to your professor about putting grades in Blackboard. Faculty are now aware that posting grades publically is a huge privacy violation if names or SSN (or FHSU ID) are associated with scores. Thanks again and we'll continue to make progress.

Academic_Programming October 2, 2013
Problem: Getting to the online book store.
Suggestion: Add a link on the home page and under quick links to the FHSU Bookstore.
Response by CBC Jess, thanks for your note. I have shared this with our Bookstore person and we'll try to do a better job of publicizing the information.

Academic_Programming October 2, 2013
Problem: Getting to the online book store.
Suggestion: Add a link on the home page and under quick links to the FHSU Bookstore.
Response by KR Thank you for the suggestion. We will add a link to the Bookstore on the Quicklinks menu.

Academic_Programming September 26, 2013
Problem: Why isn\\\'t FHSU a part of the MOKAN Take Charge Challenge?
Suggestion: Get involved, excellent way to further integrate campus with the community.
Response by CBC Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We were not aware of the program.

Academic_Programming September 5, 2013
Problem: Buying DVDs for courses.With today technology students shoud be able to see the presentation without out buying DVD THAT are mailed to them usually scratched from number of useage.U need to embed then into the lessons.
Suggestion: Talk to a web designers or look what Liberty University has done for their lesson planning with the presentation s embedded.
Response by CBC Thanks very much for your inquiry. There are some virtual courses which utilize the technology you are speaking about. Overall, we are moving all curriculum toward learner centered focus with technology. We also understand that sometimes DVD is the only technology that we can license, but streaming video is a wonderful alternative.

Academic_Programming August 26, 2013
Problem: Can't find your address! No contact info page.
Suggestion: Make a contact info page and put contact information and addresses on it.
Response by KR We have a "Contact Us" button located at the top of our website. This will take you to the Contact Information page that includes our address and phone numbers. The address and phone number are also found on the footer of the website.

Other August 21, 2013
Problem: PARKING!!! Half of the parking behind Tomanek Hall was destroyed and there are more and more students each year!! there is less parking, yet more students!! It took me nearly 20 minutes to find parking 1st day--and I left my house 30 minutes early!
Suggestion: a parking garage(obviously not an instant fix) perhaps students from StadiumPlace could park at coliseum across the street, opening their parking to reslife, - then opening the parking across from Tomanek to zone1, it's not a lot but could help!
Response by CBC We have received several concerns about parking this semester! While there is less parking in the Tomanek lot, the parking lot for the new Center for Networked Learning is just a few steps beyond and assomodates even more parking. Of course, there is always ample Zone 1 and 2 parking at the Gross Memorial lot. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Residence_Food March 21, 2013
Problem: I don't really believe it is a problem but an idea to help improve how room selection and roommates are decided upon. I just feel that compared to housing applications I have seen in the past FHSU's is very vague.
Suggestion: I think the housing application should ask for more information such as hobbies so that way roommates can most likely have something in common. If anything I think maybe roommate decisions by the school should be based off major.
Response by Brian Faust Hello, thank you for your idea. The FHSU Residential Life Office uses a room selection computer program that is used by schools across the nation. When Residential Life purchased this program, the company provided questions or interests that are most often used by other universities. The program only allows for a specific amount of room for questions, so Residential Life went with the questions recommended by the company. Since this program has gone live, the roommate selection process has gone fairly well with only minimal roommate issues based on placement. In regards to using a student's major to place students, Residential Life does not use this method because a great deal of incoming freshmen change their major before they ever step on campus. However, Living / Learning Communities ARE available for students in selected majors or with certain interests. Brian G. Faust Director of Residential Life Fort Hays State University McMindes Hall Room 126 Hays, KS 67601 (785) 628-4245 Office (785) 628-4138 Fax

Academic_Programming February 25, 2013
Problem: The university catalog is extremely hard to find on the website.
Suggestion: A link should be very close to the front of the website. A student should be able to find information on a degree in no more than 3 clicks
Response by CBC This is a common issue we hear about. We are currently working on implementing a new piece of software to really upgrade our catalog system. It should be operational over the summer and it looks great!

Academic_Programming December 5, 2012
Problem: The mandated post-tenure review process serves no useful purpose that is not already being provided by the annual merit evaluations. Most of the specifics in the proposed changes have nothing to do with longterm faculty development. What a waste.
Suggestion: A formal appeal should be prepared and sent to the BOR asking them to reconsider abandoning or rewriting this policy.
Response by CBC Thanks for the feedback! Most feel that we have a system that addresses such issues with CLP. Not sure what effect a formal appeal will have, but your idea is noted!

Academic_Programming October 15, 2012
Problem: There is not an accounting option for the BBA program! Also, there are not many classes that have lectures to accompany the courses. I think lectures help students gain a better understanding of the courses they are taking.
Suggestion: Add an Accounting option to the online BBA program. Encourage professors to record lectures and include them in their courses.
Response by CBC Thanks for you posting. At this time we do not have the ability to provide students the experience they need online to allow them to sit for licensure. I know that some of the acct classes we have are online, and a student may be able to find enough for a minor.

Academic_Programming September 26, 2012
Problem: Professors who post that deadlines are at midnight. This is subject to interpretation. For example, is midnight on Sunday at 12:00 on Sunday? Which technically means the assignment is due when the clock turns from Saturday to Sunday.
Suggestion: I noticed one of my professors specified 2359 on Sunday (as an example) to show the assignment is due at the end of day on Sunday. Others pick another time (0800 or 1800) to be perfectly clear about when assignments are due. This alleviates ambiguity
Response by CBC Carrie, thanks for your idea for improvement! I have shared this suggestion with our Deans and leaders in the Virtual College. It's a great idea/clarification that reduces confusion for students.

Campus_Events September 14, 2012
Problem: The new mini model display in the Union cost $60,000 according to the Hays Daily News. Why was such a huge amount of money spent on the display??? Why was the money not used for scholarships/student organizations/updating facilities (library??)?
Suggestion: FHSU needs to promote itself to raise money and appeal to inventors/community. Why not have had a digital version designed by the students or have had the students build the model?? The money could have went to better use.
Response by Manager of Web Servi That was donated by a couple of FHSU supporters and did not cost the university or the state anything.

FHSU_Web_Site September 10, 2012
Problem: website
Suggestion: need a campus map
Response by Manager of Web Servi We have a campus map on our site accessible via our Virtual Campus Tour and one accessible in the About FHSU section of our site.

Other August 24, 2012
Problem: There is no problem. I thought the bikes were a great idea, however I don't think there's enough on campus. I see it as a great improvement which helps us all get to class on time.
Suggestion: I believe we need more available bikes around campus because everyone I know uses them.
Response by CBC Thanks for the suggestion. The major purchase of these bikes was last spring, and the HHP department only lost two to theft. I'll ask them to investigate the purchase of more!

Academic_Programming August 20, 2012
Problem: I think there should be more forign languages. I love FHSU but the only think I don't like about it is that Japanese isn't one of the choices for f
Suggestion: I love FHSU but the only think I don't like about it is that Japanese isn't one of the choices for foreign languages. It would be cool to see that become an option for a minor at least.
Response by CBC Welcome back! The university actually tried Japanese and Chinese in the past. These languages have largely been tied to the ability to acquire competent teaching assistants from those nations. We'll keep looking to expand these options once again. The success of these special offerings depends entirely on student other words there must be a core of students with interest in these areas to make them sustainable.

Residence_Food August 15, 2012
Problem: Dishonest business practices and lack of communications. Wooster Place apt Handbook states that each apt is to have one parking stall. Without input from renters, a secret committee voted to eliminate the assigned parking.
Suggestion: Hire people who are concerned with the lease holders and business ethics; not with how much they can slip in behind peoples back without them noticing. This is not just a University dorm, these are apartment rentals with unique needs to be considered
Response by Shana Meyer Thank you for your idea. Residence Life was consulted by the Parking Committee prior to making parking decisions. Many changes were made to parking for the fall. Because of renters' feedback, some changes have been made. A "loading" zone has been created, and we will evaluate the new parking system this fall. Please make sure to communicate with the Wooster Place Council regarding your experiences with parking this fall. Thank you!

Academic_Programming June 4, 2012
Response by CBC I am sorry for any delay. If you are not able to meet an enrollment deadline due to your advisor please contact the department chair of your program. They can approve any enrollments when your advisor is away.

Academic_Programming May 29, 2012
Problem: Moments ago I suggested that there was not an easy way to find phone numbers. Fortunately, I was wrong!
Suggestion: The problem previously stated was nonexistent. I just need to work on my internet navigation patience :-).
Response by CBC Yes, the directory function on our website works pretty well. It's nice to see these notes Erin :)

Other May 21, 2012
Problem: Transcripts cannot be ordered online. Several other universities allow students to order their transcripts online and it seems to me that a university such as FHSU that provides online education should offer this service as well.
Suggestion: Create a system that would allow students to order their transcripts online.
Response by CBC Thanks for your posting. The attached link contains the current procedure to request a FHSU transcript... However, the Registrar's Office is currently looking at three potential companies that offer electronic transcript processing. The goal is to have this service in place by the end of the Fall 2012 semester.

Other May 17, 2012
Problem: Not so much a problem, but I think we should put flags back on top of Picken Hall. Old glory in the middle, just like it used to be, and an FHSU tiger flag (like what is downtown) on the two side peaks.
Suggestion: Not so much a problem, but I think we should put flags back on top of Picken Hall. Old glory in the middle, just like it used to be, and an FHSU tiger flag (like what is downtown) on the two side peaks.
Response by CBC Jordan, great idea. I'll share this with our Vice President of Admin and Finance who manages facilities. Thanks for sharing.

Campus_Leadership May 15, 2012
Problem: Students, spending thousands of dollars, are not treated in the least as a customer. Instructors, especially off-campus instructors, have slow turn around on grades and on responding to student emails, if they respond at all.
Suggestion: We spend tons of money and get lousy customer service. If I turn in an assignment, I want to see my grade, for the assignment and course, updated within a week on Black Board. If I email for help, RESPOND TO ME! Other schools do it, why can't FHSU?
Response by CBC You have identified the most critical problem that any university teaching blended or online classes face. My apology for the lack of response you have encountered. If you have this problem again I strongly recommend contacting the Dept Chsir for assistance in getting a response from an instructor.

FHSU_Web_Site April 16, 2012
Problem: Highlighted as a hotlink ...Virtual College Student Recognized In Military Spouse Magazine .... however, the hotlink is not accessible once you click on it and are in your Virtual College VIP account.
Suggestion: Please place it elsewhere so that the information can be disseminated and passed on for those of us who are using this site remotely and would like to pass the link onto to Miltiary Spouses interested in reading the article. Thank you! M. Liaison
Response by FHSU Webmaster In looking at this, we found that information on this page - - and the links seem to work. Perhaps they discovered it and fixed them.

Residence_Food February 15, 2012
Problem: I'm a sophomore. How do I get out of my dining contract. Can I get a doctor's request/letter?
Suggestion: I can better provide healtheier and cheaper meals for myself.
Response by Adam McMiller Cheyanna, Thank you for your comments. I would be more than happy to discuss what we can do to satisfy your health needs. Perhaps a change in plan might help. My office is now located at the Union and am available for a meeting most afternoons. Please let me know when you are available for us to chat. Kind Regards, Adam McMiller 785-628-5396

Residence_Food February 6, 2012
Problem: Many students have been complaining that Chartwells has stolen money from their dining dollars. Chartwells claims they can because the semester is shorter, but their websites and the contracts we signed do not reserve that right.
Suggestion: If they pay us less because the semester is shorter, we should pay them less. Either the students should receive their money back to their accounts or in cash. Legal action may be necessary. Many students like me feel strongly about this.
Response by Shana Meyer, Asst. V LJ-- Thank you for submitting your concern. Student Affairs recently became aware of this situation & is working to determine a solution. Some students have approached the Residence Hall Association, who is also investigating. We will keep students posted on action as it takes place. If you want to further discuss, feel free to contact me in Student Affairs, or contact Brian Faust, Director of Residence Life. Thank you.

FHSU_Web_Site January 31, 2012
Problem: The search bar is broken.
Suggestion: Have someone fix it, please.
Response by University Webmaster We are aware of that and the system administrator is working on it.

Other January 30, 2012
Problem: Mass emails - The actual email addresses for listservs are used (i.e. I can see that the listserv for juniors is Increases chance of spam attacks, since email forwarding is allowed and users with @aol, @yahoo, etc......
Suggestion: .....can easily be hacked. If they are hacked, the fhsu email addresses would be emailed in mass. To prevent, simply value the email addresses as an internal (faculty/staff) resource and require via IT policy that emails are sent as BCC.
Response by CBC Thanks for the possible security problem. Our campus ITPAC policy group is considering these issues in an upcoming meeting.

Other January 26, 2012
Problem: Daily stream of irrelevant emails take time and clog inbox. Selling/giving away personal property, notices to 500 professors that 3 students will miss 10 classes, resending bulk emails due to errors, endless reminders of events. Waste of time
Suggestion: Need new email policy prohibiting these types of uses, or create a master distribution list of only professors who indicate that they want these types of emails. I don't!
Response by CBC This is not the first time that I have heard this comment. It is a real problem. I have referred this to our university ITPAC committee for their consideration since they are most involved in policy formation for IT issues (including email). If you care to backchannel me I'm happy to speak more with you.

FHSU_Web_Site January 26, 2012
Problem: We have a great radio station but no one can hear it and hardly anyone knows it exist. If you do not know the exact web address you cannot find it this makes it hard to promot the station and FHSU loses possible students.
Suggestion: Put a link on the home page to the radio station, as the radio is already streaming this would be quick and painless addtion. This will let students hear other students shows and a kaladiscope of music the may have never had a chance to hear before.
Response by University Webmaster While we cannot link it from the home page I am looking into putting it up as a quick link. However, I need to find out first how long KFHS radio streams each day, etc.

Academic_Programming January 13, 2012
Problem: Graduate students are often left out in regards to social activities on campus. We're often so busy with school we don't take time to relax- but when we do have time, most of the school sponsored social activities seem inappropriate for grad students
Suggestion: Some sort of social activity designed specifically for graduate students would be appreciated. Maybe a game event, movie event, coffee social, etc.
Response by Dr. Tim Crowley Thank you for your note. Historically, departments have incorporated social events into their cultures for graduate students, but that varies across the campus. I see that you are a part of the MS in Biology program. I was under the impression that Biology did a lot more social activities within their graduate student community of scholars than other departments. One of the challenges of organizing social events for graduate students that span the entire university is that 75% of our graduate students are not on campus. There are only about 400 graduate students on our campus each semester and they are spread over all four colleges in 14 programs. Have you talked with administrators in Student Affairs about this? Or Dr. Finck? There may be interest in organizing university-wide social events for graduate students with the assistance of some offices in Student Affairs. I am copying Dr. Tisa Mason on this. She may have suggestions. I am supportive of any idea like this. Like many things, it may just be that a graduate student or group of graduate students need to volunteer to organize something. Maybe a new student organization needs to be proposed and created within student government. We can help you promote activities to all the graduate students on campus. Let me know if there are other ways I can help. -TC Dr. Tim Crowley Dean of the Graduate School/Assistant Provost for Internationalization Fort Hays State University 600 Park Street Hays, KS 67601

FHSU_Web_Site January 11, 2012
Problem: Disorganization and order
Suggestion: cleanup site index; redesign menus/submenus to sharpen presentation of content
Response by University Webmaster While I appreciate your thoughts, what you suggest takes a .NET programmer and I don't have one. That said, we are updating our CMS software, etc., and that will help with the site indexing and allow us to improve the search functionality. All of this should improve things. To be honest with you, though, I get very few complaints or inquiries about navigating through the site and our enrollment keeps growing, so I feel that most users have a good experience. The other thing I might mention is that our home page is our Prospective Student page rather than just a landing page for the university. That makes a difference in how it can be structured.

FHSU_Web_Site January 9, 2012
Problem: does not work well with mobile devices.
Suggestion: Build a web site that works well with mobile devices.
Response by FHSU Webmatser Thank you for your input; that is one of our main focuses for the FHSU website this year. However, it depends heavily on programming support which is difficult to get. So, we will be working on it throughout 2012 and hopefully will be able to figure it out. If you know of a good student .NET programmer I can hire, please let me know.

FHSU_Web_Site January 9, 2012
Problem: very hard to navigate the site.
Suggestion: redesign website
Response by FHSU Webmaster It actually hasn't been that long since the site was redesigned. If you are having specific problems finding things and haven't tried the Search feature, please email and report the specific problem. That will allow the webmaster to address it. Thank you.

Other January 4, 2012
Problem: I understand that going to school in a foreign country is hard and challenging with the difference in language and in culture. However I feel the many of the students from China are not making an effort to learn American culture or to speak English.
Suggestion: The best way to learn a language and culture is to immerse yourself. The Chinese students need to speak English. It is very difficult to communicate with them when they do not and is frustrating to be in a public space and only hear Chinese.
Response by Carol Solko-Olliff, We struggle with this all the time too. We always encourage all the international students to speak and use the language as the best way to improve and be successful. Unfortunately it is up to them.

Campus_Events January 4, 2012
Problem: I am a new freshman and I have 2 children. I have noticed that a lot of the activities on campus are not family friendly. I was flat out told that my children could not attend an event with me, so there for I couldn't attend.
Suggestion: We need to have more family friendly activities. There is no way I'm the only parent attending and think all of the other parents would agree that being able to bring our kids to events would be awesome.
Response by Edie McCracken, Assi First, I feel awful she was told she could not attend an event. The only time that we turn away children at any CSI sponsored event is the Encore Series. (The policy is no one under the age of 6.) However, if we see small children at some UAB events (such as comedians), we do approach the parents and let them know the content may not always be appropriate. It is their judgement call to stay or leave.. I think there are 2 issues - one, we most likely do need more family oriented events and two, we are not doing a good job of marketing those events that are kid friendly. I will definitely take this feedback to UAB and the CSI staff and encourage them to think about students with families. I am not sure what kind of demographic information we could gather (other than age of student), but I will try to identify how large a population we are working with. In the meantime, I will send an email request out to student organizations and faculty/staff asking for "family friendly events". I know that many of the events we include on the co-curricular list are often geared towards children or families. We could distribute this list to students rather than departments. Plus, having an idea of what is happening on campus could help us identify new programs. I will also make a "family friendly" label on the CollegiateLink calendar that groups can label their events with and ask Karen and the students to start labeling events appropriately on the CMS calendar as well. Other thoughts? Thanks for sharing this feedback. Edie

Campus_Facilities January 4, 2012
Problem: Fix the bathrooms! I nearly cracked my head open falling because the bathrooms always flood, no matter how careful you are. McMindes Hall
Suggestion: Get heavier, sturdier shower curtains and move the towl racks close to the shower so we can keep the floor as dry as possible.
Response by Brian Faust, Directo Thank you for your comments. There are some things that are being done to help with the slipping in the floors in the bathrooms in McMindes Hall. Over winter break, the housekeeping staff coated some of the bathroom floors with a new product that is supposed to help prevent slipping. When the students come back and give it a trial run and the product works, all of the bathrooms will be coated with this new product. Also, after walking the bathrooms, the Physical Plant staff will be installing additional hooks in the bathroom pods that do not have hooks close enough to the showers. If students use the hooks, this should cut down on the amount of water that ends up on the floor.

Public_Safety January 3, 2012
Problem: Anyone has access to the campus directory. So, it was pointed out to me that you type in "Janine" in the campus directory, and anyone can have my home address. An online campus directory should be for student access only.
Suggestion: I’m embarrassed FHSU devalues students’ safety. A friend of mine that found my address that way had a low opinion of FHSU because of it. Please make the online campus directory for student access only.
Response by Shana Meyer Hi, Janine-- You can request a student privacy consent form at: This site also discusses FERPA, which allows schools to disclose without consent, directory information. If you do not wish this information to be disclosed, you can complete the form and we'll remove your information. We have updated our directory information so one can no longer simply type in "J" and pull up all the J names....they have to have more information than that. Thanks for your suggestion! Shana Meyer

Academic_Programming January 3, 2012
Problem: A central location for all tutoring departments
Suggestion: As apart of the new dorms that will built, there should be a big tutoring facility for all departments so students can go to one place to be tutored. Maybe as big a lecture hall.
Response by Shana Meyer Thanks for your suggestion! While it is too late to get a big lecture hall in Tiger Place, we are looking at Phase III of building, which may include themed housing and space for tutoring.

Public_Safety January 3, 2012
Problem: I have noticed that the student directory is fully accessible online. This directory reflects student's names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. The release of this information could be a safety and/or privacy concern for students.
Suggestion: Currently, you can request a form from the registrar's office that allows you to opt-out of the on-line student directory. Instead of an opt-out process, the university should only publish student's names who opt-in.
Response by Shana Meyer Hi, Dwight-- Thanks for your concern and suggestion. You are correct--students can opt out of the directory or determine what, if any, information is shared. According to FERPA, schools may disclose, without consent, "directory" information. You can see the FERPA policy at: Also on this website is the student privacy consent form, which can be completed & sent in, which removes students from the list. Thanks for your concern! Shana Meyer

Public_Safety January 3, 2012
Problem: People are still smoking on campus. While many follow the rules and smoke in the designated areas others still smoke outside the doors of Rarick or walking from class to class.
Suggestion: There are no signs indicating that there is no smoking on the campus, I feel like it would help. Or if campus police would enforce the rules it would help.
Response by Shana Meyer Thank you for posting your concern. This has been discussed at last month's President's Cabinet & is again on the January agenda. The goal is to increase enforcement. SGA is also working on signage. THANKS!

Residence_Food November 7, 2011
Problem: Lots of people work in the evening (including myself), and yet, the cafeteria closes at seven or earlier. I also have hypoglycemia and get severly ill if I don't keep my bloodsugar up. We pay over $3000 dollars a year for this food.
Suggestion: Stop serving at seven, but leave the cafeteria open with a clerk to swipe the cards until like ten or eleven for those of us who work or need to eat. There are plenty of leftovers, not to mention the fruit, bagels, and so on. It's our food, anyway!
Response by Adam McMiller Thank you for your comments. The hours of service in all Chartwells dining facilities are part of a contractual agreement between Chartwells and the University. Because every service has a cost behind it, the hours of service offered were figured based on the price charged for the meal plan. However, that doesn’t mean hours of service or other services on campus can’t change, but they can only change once the proper steps are taken and once data has been collected. I would advise you to join the dining committee to express your comments. The dining committee will be meeting this Friday at 2pm in the McMindes Café. Please also keep in mind that the money you pay for your meal plan doesn’t necessarily all go towards food. There are other considerations for those dollars like maintenance costs, custodial costs, trash removal, employee salaries, flatware replacement and building utilities. There are other dining options on campus passed 7pm. Mondo Subs located in the Memorial Union is open until 9pm Monday through Thursday and also open 11am-2pm on Saturday. Starbucks and Grab N Go located in the Memorial Union is open daily until 10pm. Outtakes is also open in Wiest Hall from 7pm until midnight 7 days a week. Regarding your dietary needs, please contact me so that we can discuss possible solutions for your needs so that you are getting the most out of your dining plan. My contact info is: Adam McMiller 785-628-4476 Thanks again for your comments and I look forward to hearing from you.

Residence_Food November 6, 2011
Problem: Sometimes I don't feel good and don't want to eat around chattering people, so I used to take a sandwich or an apple or something up to my room and eat there. And this year, you took that away. Why? I'm hypoglycemic and have Crohn's disease.
Suggestion: We pay for the food. Why can't we eat it where we want? Maybe have a limit on how much we take, but seriously, this is rediculous. Grab a bagel before work, take a cone after dinner, eat an apple on the way to class. What's wrong with that?
Response by Adam McMiller Thank you for your comments. Typically, it is not customary for any all-you-care to eat restaurant to allow food to leave their facility. i.e. Golden Coral, Ponderosa, Lucky Buffet, etc. We had allowed some items to leave prior to now like a cookie or an ice cream cone. Taking food out of McMindes is not something that Chartwells as an organization and a restaurnat has to allow, but we did it as a benefit to our student customers. This policy was being taken advantage of and some customers had been taking out full meals worth of food and when confronted by it, my staff was met with very rude and harmful comments and gestures. When that benefit was no longer appreciated and my employees no longer felt respected as staff members of this university, it was my decision to extinguish the benefit. Please know that a decision like this is not made lightly and I felt it was the only way considering the level and continuation of harmful comments that were being made. My hope is that we can bring this benefit back in some fasion in the future. All that being said, I can certainly appreciate your dietary concerns and I would be very willing to sit down with you and talk about what your needs are and what accomodations I can make so that you are getting the most out of your meal plan. My contact info is: Adam McMiller 785-628-4476 Thanks again for your comments and I look forward to hearing from you.

Residence_Food November 4, 2011
Problem: The food that is served in the McMindes Cafeteria is horrible. Very rarely does anything taste good and there have been several occasions when the food has made me ill. The food in the Union is excellent, but not in McMindes.
Suggestion: We need a new food service for Chartwells needs to fix the issues. The food started off good at the beginning of the semester. Bring back that quality and keep it all the time.
Response by Adam McMiller Thank you for your comments. I would like to start out by saying that I apologize for the inconsistent experiences you have had at McMindes. I can assure you that we have very strict policies and procedures that we take to ensure the proper service of safe foods. I would like to also mention that while I am very committed to looking into your comments, it is very difficult for me to investigate or make changes with a broad comment like the food is horrible. It would be helpful if you could you provide me some specifics on what you don’t care for so that I may address your issues in the correct way. My staff and I are very committed to serving great and safely prepared food. I encourage you to contact me directly to setup a meeting to discuss how your dining experience can be better enhanced. My contact information is: Adam McMiller 785-628-4476 You can also join our dining committee. Thanks again for your comments and I look forward to hearing from you.

FHSU_Web_Site October 17, 2011
Problem: It is very hard to navigate and search on the website.
Suggestion: Make it a lot more user friendly.
Response by FHSU Webmaster If you would send me more specific information about the difficulties you had, we possibly could address them. Send it to Thank you for your feedback.

Residence_Food September 21, 2011
Problem: The catalog that is mailed to parents regarding dorm room supplies. The evening news on ABC (5:30) had a segment on the colleges using this company and how all the products are made in China. This was on 9/20/11 if you care to watch.
Suggestion: The suggestion is at the end of the segment. Maybe Ft. Hayes should set an example and design a catalog with USA products and put some Americans back to work! Please watch the explains it much better than I ever could.
Response by Shana Meyer Linda & Matthew-- Our Director of Residential Life received an email moments after emailing you from our OCM representative. Below is the body of that email. Dear Brian, The last two evenings ABC News aired a "Made in America" segment focused on off-to-college shopping. The purpose was to show the job impact of buying American-made products versus globally-sourced options. During the segment, Residence Hall Linens was featured prominently and was reported to source all our products internationally, allegedly resulting in hundreds of thousands of jobs lost in the US. This is simply not true. When ABC contacted us in preparation for the story, we voluntarily cooperated with their requests, only to find the facts substantially misreported. Their alteration of our brochures, attribution of products to us that we do not even sell and twisting of our comments made it clear to us that they had an "angle" going into the story. We need to set the record straight. As you probably already know, we are a small American company based in Trenton, New Jersey where we have been located for the last 30 years. When you call us, you are speaking to someone in the United States. When you visit our websites, you are browsing sites built and hosted in the United States. We employ over 100 fellow Americans full-time and another 100 part-time. We are proud of this fact. ABC did not report the fact that over 50% of all the items across our fundraising programs are made or assembled in the USA. The unfortunate reality is that almost all US textile production has been moved offshore. This is not because of smaller companies like ours but rather the substantially larger retail stores who also provide off-to-college products. In fact, unlike these large retailers, we buy our products from vendors in the U.S. so that we can have the products inspected domestically and ensure product quality for your college students. We are always committed to researching domestic options for our products to support our local industry. But we also have to offer parents terrific value, especially given the state of the current economy. Parents consistently tell us that value and convenience are their top priorities when shopping for off-to-college products. We can't lose sight of their priorities and budgets. We will continue to look for domestic product options and include them in our offerings whenever we can as long as it does not result in a material cost increase to parents and students. ABC also suggested our fundraising partnership is inappropriate. That is just plain wrong. Any fundraising that occurs is only possible if parents find this program valuable. In fact those proceeds support your dedicated work to serve parents, students and your campus and have done so for several years. OCM will continue to support you and your mission on campus. Regardless of the erroneous reporting of ABC News, I still want to apologize for any confusion or concern you may encounter on campus. We are proud to serve you as well as your parents and students and are in no way "embarrassed" as alluded to in the report. I hope this message clarifies any misunderstanding created by the ABC News report. If you have any questions or comments, please either email me or call me on my direct line at (609) 359-1303. Our staff of dedicated managers and I will also be following up with a phone call shortly. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Sincerely, Andrew McDade President, On Campus Marketing

Residence_Food September 21, 2011
Problem: The catalog that is mailed to parents regarding dorm room supplies. The evening news on ABC (5:30) had a segment on the colleges using this company and how all the products are made in China. This was on 9/20/11 if you care to watch.
Suggestion: The suggestion is at the end of the segment. Maybe Ft. Hayes should set an example and design a catalog with USA products and put some Americans back to work! Please watch the explains it much better than I ever could.
Response by Shana Meyer Hello, Linda & Matthew-- I hadn't seen the segment you mentioned, so I went online to read about it at: The bad news is that Fort Hays State University has entered into a contract with OCM, as many of the other institutions mentioned. It is difficult to make a switch or design our own catalog, based on this contract. However, the good news is that OCM is willing to make changes! According to the article, we can look forward to new "All American Made" products in their catalog in the coming year. Thanks again for your idea & suggestion & for making us aware of this opportunity. Shana Meyer Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Academic_Programming September 13, 2011
Problem: If you want more people to eat at the union you need to HIRE MORE HELP!! Long lines at the checkout counter and at the food counters really turn people off to coming to the union! The whole idea of eating on campus is to save time!!!
Suggestion: Hire more help, especially at peak times, like LUNCH!!
Response by Adam McMiller Thank you for your comments. The main issue in the Tiger Market currently is that our third register stopped working. We bought a new register, but we are currently having difficulties getting it online and matched to our system. We have calls in to the manufacturer to solve the problem. It shouldn’t be much longer. I’m really hoping to get it resolved in the next couple of days. I sympathize with the lines and do apologize for this terrible inconvenience. Thanks again for taking the time to submit your comments. Kind Regards, Adam McMiller Chartwells

Academic_Programming August 31, 2011
Problem: There is a lack of quality education for Doctor Degrees around, especially for online and I am sure for Kansas residents also.
Suggestion: Maybe it is too expensive to consider, but it would be nice for you to offer Doctor Degrees, especially online. At the quality of the school and the lower prices you charge, it would make a great combination.
Response by CBC Thanks very much for the feedback. We have actually heard this from several students over the years. We are currently investigating the creation of a doctorate in online education/leadership. The process is one that takes years and is very expensive, but the more interest we receive the more likely we'll be to move forward. Thanks again.

Other August 29, 2011
Problem: Parking on campus
Suggestion: A parking garage. I dont even buy parking perments because i know i will never find a parking spot on campus.
Response by CBC I wish you the best of luck with parking. I can tell you that at 8 am there are plenty of spots available in Zone 1 areas. As always, it is important to purchase a permit if you plan to park on campus. UPD was writing tickets last week.

Residence_Food August 29, 2011
Problem: not a thin^
Suggestion: MY won't work on my comp. uess I'll have 2 6 a new one.
Response by Shana Meyer I'm not sure I understand your comment. I can help if you can better explain.

Academic_Programming August 29, 2011
Problem: Books are expensive
Suggestion: I know there are a few shools in the state that have gone to all digital books with purchase of an ipad as part of the school fees. I realize this isnt posible for all books but if teachers could consider digital books it would help student pockets
Response by CBC Currently the university is in talks with CafeScribe to research this inevitability. Thanks for the suggestion.

Other August 23, 2011
Problem: The student organizations on campus. There is a Black Student Union, Chinese Academy and Student Association, and a Hispanic-American Leadership. All of these clubs are extremely racist allowing only certain races to join
Suggestion: The only way to fix this would be to close those clubs or start one for White-Americans. The university prides itself on diversity and yet has racist blubs talked about publicy, and everyone is ok with it. Well I'm not and I intend to do something.
Response by Shana Meyer Hello, Chelsey-- Thank you for your idea. The organizations you mention, Black Student Union, Chinese Academy and Student Association, and Hispanic-American Leadership Organization all have open membership. These organizations, as well as organizations like College Republicans and Catholic Disciples have a focus on a certain interest; but are open to all students. In fact, all of these organizations have members who are not part of the demographic mentioned in the organization's name. The Student Feminist Organization's president last year was a man. Just as Fort Hays State University cannot discriminate on grounds of race or sex, neither can student organizations, either as the agent of FHSU or with the substantial support of the institution. It is the Principle of Nondiscrimination. All student organizations are listed at: If you cannot find a group that serves your needs, you are welcome to start your own. You can find out how at: or by speaking with Vincent Bowhay, the Coordinator for Student Involvement & Greek Life at or Room 014, located in the lower level of the Memorial Union. Of course all student organizations must complete the statement of non-discrimination. You mentioned racist blurbs in your idea. If you have specific examples of racism occurring on campus, we would like to address the situation. You may contact me directly at or 785-628-5824. Thank you again for your idea to improve FHSU. Sincerely, Shana Meyer Shana L. Warkentine Meyer Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Fort Hays State University 600 Park Street Sheridan Hall, Room 208 Hays, KS 67601 785-628-5824 (phone)

Residence_Food July 5, 2011
Problem: I feel that the pricing for Chartwell's food service in the dining hall in the Memorial Union and also in the residential halls is a little too pricy based on the food served. The design and look of the areas are really nice though.
Suggestion: Serve more food that isn't pre-packaged.
Response by Adam McMiller Thank you very much for taking the time to offer feedback regarding dining services. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to me and I would be very happy to meet with you to discuss specific items or prices. Thanks again for your comments. x4476

Other March 13, 2011
Problem: Graduation ceremonies.
Suggestion: I like the separating of ceremonies. Can we institute December ceremonies those who graduate mid-academic year as some institutions have? This would especially be good for those who are leaving the state for various reasons and can\'t participate in S
Response by CBC Carol: Thanks! Last May FHSU decided to separate our traditional graduation ceremony into a Graduate Hooding and Undergraduate Commencement. We were pleased with the results and feedback from graduates. We plan to do the same this year. We have not planned to do a December graduation at this point, but have considered that possibility. As always, we will review the feedback from our innovation and determine if the current separation honors graduates most effectively. Thanks for your continued interest.

Other February 21, 2011
Problem: Parking for McMindes Hall. The parking lot for McMindes is ridiculously small! For as many students that live in McMindes, there is no where near the right amount of parking space specifically for McMindes Students.
Suggestion: Put in a parking lot where Agnew Hall use to be. If that were to be all parking, it would be centralized between Weist, McMindes, Wooster, and would be relatively close for students in Stadium Place apartments.
Response by CBC Victoria: Thanks for your interest in the parking situation around McMindes. I will share your concern with those in charge of that oepration. There is ample parking in the Weist lot, but certainly I can understand this time of year it is not always convenient to walk that far in the cold. The university is under negotiations for building on the Agnew lot, so that area will not be available for parking.

Academic_Programming February 16, 2011
Problem: The place needs a small parking garage. Some kids walk but for elderly students who drive from out of town it presents a huge problem, which i understand,has been. going on for a long time FHSU is too nice a school to not have adequate parking. I
Suggestion: Money is raised or donated for many causes and i think it would be a far more worthwhile causeto set a goal. I fell on the ice that one day it was like a sheet of glass and my knee still bothers me.
Response by CBC First, let me apologize for any after effects from a fall on the ice. Clearly, we had an unusual situation within the last two weeks. Our grounds crew works very hard to clear pedestrian areas, but sometimes to snow and ice comes to fast to respond perfectly. Related to the issue of a potential parking garage, our parking committee has studied the possibility and the decision was made several years ago that the resources would be better used in assuring regular replacement of streets.

Other February 9, 2011
Problem: School during weather condtions.
Suggestion: I think that more thought should be put into weather school sould be canceled during the winter when we have heavy snowfall. i know alot of the students live on campus, but not all are fans of walkin in the deep snow.
Response by C. B. Crawford Thanks for your interest in student's well-being. Whether classes are cancelled is a decision to President makes based on the best estimate of weather experts. We all know the limitations of accurate weather prediction. Actually yesterday afternoon the entire University was closed, which is very uncommon. I will share your concern with the President.

Other January 10, 2011
Problem: It is hard to navigate to other depts from your home page.
Suggestion: Include a button on website for registar's office and other depts not listed on web.
Response by Suzanne Klaus Thank you for your feedback regarding the Website. While I understand that some things may be a little difficult to find, users must surely realize that we cannot have links to everything on our site on our home page. Because of that, we have entered suggested results into the Search feature to make things easier to find. Also, I do review the site regularly based on feedback such as this to see what users' needs are. Be sure to use the Search function and, if you still can't find what you seek, let me know. Thank you.

Problem: Getting kicked off because it is to slow. Or you cann't get on becauce it took to long to load the program.
Suggestion: Make it easyer to go to the programs or web pages you need.
Response by

Problem: site usability.
Suggestion: Make the homepage alot cleaner. More simple and minimalistic.
Response by

Problem: I am very unhappy with the fire alarms being pulled in the middle of the night in McMindes Hall. It is especially frustrating during finals week, and now two months later. My daughter should not be forced outside at 1 a.m. in below zero weather!
Suggestion: What is being done to eliminate or decrease the incidence of this problem? She will not be in a dorm next year, and possibly not at Ft. Hays if things don't get straightened out.
Response by

Problem: Fort Hays needs to reconsider its cancellation process concerning days where snow makes it difficult for students who walk long distance or drive from out of town. I understand that the school is a buisiness, but thats not an excuse to gamble safety.
Suggestion: Cancel classes if the weather is bad, if it hinders a students ability to get here then that should be considered.
Response by

Problem: I would like to see an illustration class offered or a game design/development class. Any thoughts by the school to have aforementioned classes?
Suggestion: Offering said classes
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Problem: Not knowing what programs are, how to use them, etc.
Suggestion: Have a course on campus for 1day to explain how to use blackboard; as these new virtual students have no idea. All the components like discussion boards, submitting documents, checking grades, emailing staff. As well as the add. programs for courses.
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Problem: Instructors do not grade assignments in a timely manner, allowing for optimal learning from the actual assignment. In one class I have not received a grade for my writing assignments since March 3.
Suggestion: More stringent grading guidelines for professors.
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Problem: Not enough opportunities for working adults
Suggestion: Offer accelerated classes at the Virtual College to meet the needs of working professionals and mature adults who want to complete their degree faster.
Response by

Problem: If TigerTracks is my main communication with offices on campus, i.e., Blackboard and my Scatcat e-mail, then why is it a tiny, tiny link up in the right hand corner of the page? I also don't appreciate a donation link right next to it-manipulative.
Suggestion: More friendly, 20th century website. It's very obvious that this was a purchased template with no original design put in to it. Such a highly ranked University should have an above standard web page. As an alumnus-embarassing and not appealing
Response by

Problem: Support and interaction for Virtual College Students
Suggestion: Offer a student organization for Virtual College Students
Response by

Problem: Your link to information on Excelsior Policies do not work.
Suggestion: Please check -
Response by

Problem: Virtual students can feel isolated.
Suggestion: A discussion forum online, where we can provide support and share information with each other. We already have an unofficial group of about 30 students helping each other, but it would be great to have an official forum on the FHSU site.
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Problem: The tutoring programs are not CRLA certified. This certification allows students to become Master, Advanced, or Regular tutors. This actually teaches students on how to tutor not just telling people what to do.
Suggestion: Put in motion the certification programs. It costs 350 dollars to have the university tutoring programs certified yearly then after 5 years they only have to get it re-certified every 5 years after.
Response by

Problem: Give a significant discount to FHSU graduates wishing to come back and further their education through virtual college.
Suggestion: See above
Response by

Problem: The problem is that communication among classmates is difficult or impossible many times, Not every instructor creates a discussion forum for the class, and it really hampers the class climate imo
Suggestion: Make the creation of a discussion board for students in each class mandatory. Make the creation of a discussion board for instructor questions mandatory for each class. The classes that I've had these in has made the experience MUCH better
Response by

Problem: ICE!!!!
Response by

Problem: Inadequate feedback to questions, it appeared they did not answer the questions, just gave me a generalized reply.
Suggestion: Inform students the name of the adviser, and respond in a timely fashion.
Response by

Problem: I have recently come to understand that the virtual college does not offer any clubs or honor societies to students enrolled in the program. Other large colleges offer these clubs for distance students.
Suggestion: Being a Justice Studies major, I would like to see a virtual honor society and club opportunities for Justice majors. I have submitted some ideas to my advisor Tamara Lynn.
Response by

Problem: Virtual students attend classes online but have no official place to meet outside of class or to create or participate in student groups in a meaningful way.
Suggestion: Create a student lounge course on Blackboard, where students can connect and share information and support. Ideally, all virtual students could be enrolled in the student lounge, just as they are with the current Bb tutorial.
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Problem: I think that it would be very nice to have a "student lounge" course in the blackboard where students can discuss various things, write blogs, wikis and so on. Such could help to bring students together in a friendly manner guided by the college.
Suggestion: Create a "student lounge" or "virtual student lounge" course in the blackboard that anyone can choose to become a member of.
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Problem: Fort Hays State University is a dry campus
Suggestion: The union would get probably 10X more people if Hays had a Bar in the union and if we had a wet campus. It would get more students here and lets be honest Hays is a drinking town anyway so it would be a prefect fit.
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Problem: When we "help to improve FHSU", it would be nice to know how many others have a similar interest, if the interest is considered and when it is implemented, if at all.
Suggestion: My voip provider has a very nice feature for this. It's in German, but looking at it and clicking on the tabs should be enough to get an idea of what it does: This shows how many people made a request
Response by

Problem: Can I ^6et financial aid in the form of scholarships, a pel ^6rant or etc? My 6 doesn't work on my computer any more sorry about that.
Suggestion: Buy a new keyboard.
Response by

Problem: Tiger Radio station get very little publicity and I often see students around campus with music players in their ears.
Suggestion: I also know several mp3 players have radio tuners in them, could campus not get a few of the low power transmiters like used for people who drive by houses for sale so some students could tune in with those players or even radios in cars or dorms
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Problem: There is not a quick way to ask questions of someone at the university through the website.
Suggestion: I would like to see a live chat option that connects me with someone in recruiting or admissions. I think this is especially important because you offer virtual learning. Those who seek this type of education expect that kind of interaction.
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Problem: Costs of books for online classes
Suggestion: Consider e-book versions rather than hard copy. Saves students money and eliminates the shipping process.
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Problem: There is not a great choice of especially upper graduate science type classes on line. Sure are not any online science degrees, even going for a BGS. No Master’s in science classes online either.
Suggestion: Maybe some classes will not sell, but it would be nice to see more upper graduate offerings, especially maybe in the sciences on line with Bachelor's degrees. Also offer more Master’s degree programs all online would be nice, even in science.
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Problem: The lack of FHSU promotion. FHSU does a terrible job is promoting itself with clothing, hats, etc... The selection is horrible to say it nicely.
Suggestion: Marketing. Living in KC now, which has a large alumni population I find it near impossible to locate any FHSU garb. Although, KU, KSU, WSU, ESU, Washburn, etc is readily available. We need to push the product (FHSU) both on the web and at retailer
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Problem: Pedestrians crossing 8th street west of Elm (near Rarick and Davis Halls) pose a traffic and safety hazard, especially at night. The pedestrians must cross at their own risk. They may be struck by a vehicle or simply hinder traffic flow.
Suggestion: A designated crosswalk would indicate a prescribed place to cross 8th. Traffic signals (like those on Hall St north of 27th) would indicate an appropriate time to cross and give drivers notice of crossing. Best solution would be a raised bridge.
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Problem: Group projects are difficult when you only have the blackboard collaboration to work with and it doesn't always work.
Suggestion: Supply virtual students with voice or video conferencing.
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Problem: Overall it's so unaccessible. It takes forever to find what I need.
Suggestion: A more clear, organized website overall. Better tab names would be a big help. You've got the right idea it seems, but you don't deliver.
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Problem: There is not adequate parking for our students and faculty. People are late to classes, students and faculty alike, because they cannot find a parking spot quick enough. If we are paying for parking passes, we deserve decent parking.
Suggestion: Possibly get a parking garage in a centrally located area on campus or getting rid of a few trees and creeks to put in some more parking. We've got more trees here than the rest of Ellis county combined. We can afford to get rid of a few.
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Problem: It seems overly difficult to find the phone numbers for offices (I'm trying to find the number for the graduate office right now).
Suggestion: On the home page, put a link to a phone book of sorts where all numbers (offices and even faculty members) can easily be found in one place.
Response by

Problem: This web site is TERRIBLE. Where are the faculty links to contact faculty or departments? Where are the Academic links to learn about majors and programs? Why can't I find a faculty member's phone number???
Suggestion: FIX IT
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